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Korea may go nuclear

War looms over the Korean peninsula as tensions continue to rise between North and South Korea.

It looks like tensions on the Korean peninsula are ratcheting up towards all out war. North Korea threatened Thursday to launch a "sacred war" after South Korea completed large military exercises near the volatile inter-Korean border.

Investigative Journalist Wayne Madsen says “Unfortunately, the United States is not restraining the South Korean President Lee Myung-bakwho is a right wing conservative President. They are going up to the DMZ lighting Christmas trees which North Korea believes is a provocation. I think North and South Korea are acting as proxies for bigger politics. ”

The South Korean military drills were supposedly the largest exercises ever practiced and were only 15 miles away from the North Korean border. With speculation mounting about what each country will do, it seems a tiny spark could set off nuclear war.

Madsen adds, “It is very possible for this to go nuclear. Nuclear war on the Korean peninsula would get out of control rapidly with Japan and China getting involved. There would be a lot of casualties with a lot of rockets from North Korea aimed at Seoul and we would see huge casualties amongst South Koreans and US military personnel.”

Ever since the Korean War ended, there have been multiple scuffles that have flared up as each state has tried to impose a reunification with its own conditions. However, could this latest spat lead to all out war or even nuclear war?