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19 Mar, 2010 03:35

Jihad Jane’s jihad proved by US court

An American woman known as “Jihad Jane” has pleaded not guilty to charges of plotting to kill a Swedish cartoonist who made drawings of the Prophet Muhammed.

Colleen LaRose has been held since October, accused of conspiring with terrorism suspects abroad to kill the cartoonist.

But Younus Abdullah Muhammad, of the RevolutionMuslim.com website, thinks it's a made-up case to obscure public scrutiny of the U.S. military occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“We think there is a strong possibility and probability that you will see what has become a routine process by which a person is radicalized by, if you will, an agent provocateur, and pushed off into engaging in radical acts,” Muhammad told RT. “We have to look at the way the world is functioning right now, and security terrorist agencies like the JTTF in New York City have got to produce terror threats in order to maintain federal, state and its own inflated budget.”

“What we see is a strategic utilization of this case to cover discussion Americans should be having about the occupation and ongoing war in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries,” he added.