Where is the money sent to rebuild Iraq?

It's been six years since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq toppled Saddam Hussein’s regime, but much of the country is still in ruins with little or no improvement to basic necessities like electricity and water supplies.

Some blame that on rampant corruption.

“When Saddam Hussein was in charge in Iraq, the country had one of the most advanced infrastructures in the Middle East, and now it ranks down to Yemen’s or Sudan’s,” said investigative journalist Wayne Madsen. “For the people of Iraq, it is a dysfunctional system.”

“Fraud among Iraqi agencies and lack of performance on the part of the U.S. contractors are at the very essence of problems with the contracts provided by the U.S. government,” he added. “Unless we see some action by this wartime Commission on Contracts, I do not see how there will be any improvements.”