“Iranians believe missile shield is against Russia”

Iranians do not really believe the US feels threatened by the Islamic Republic, Seyed Mohammad Marandi from the University of Tehran told RT.

“From the very start, when the US wanted to set up the defense shield in Eastern Europe, Iranians believed that it was basically against Russia and not Iran,” he said.

“Iran has never been a threat to the EU and Iranians think the claim is laughable,” Marandi continued.

The fact that the Americans are now throwing their previous anti-missile defense program into the bin, is seen by Iranians as basically because “of the extremely difficult financial situation the US government is facing and because of the cost that they have due to the wars and the economic difficulties”.

As for the enrichment of uranium in Iran, that’s been raising concerns in the international community but has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, Seyed Mohammad Marandi said.

“It is a very different type of enrichment,” he said.