Iranian TV shows video of “abducted” nuclear physicist

Iranian TV has screened a four-minute video clip, which allegedly shows nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri backing allegations of his abduction. The physicist went missing in June 2009 and surfaced in the US months later.

In the footage screened on Monday, a man identified as Amiri says he had been kidnapped in a joint operation by US and Saudi Arabian agents en route to Medina. He states his current location as Tucson, Arizona in the United States.

The report says the footage was obtained by the Iranian intelligence service, but gives no further details.

Amiri went missing in 2009 during pilgrimage. Later in March 2009, ABC news in the US reported that the man had defected, bringing with him a notebook containing valuable intelligence on the Iranian nuclear program, which was allegedly passed on to the CIA.

Teheran maintained that the scientist had been kidnapped.