Obama administration supports forces that commit atrocities – journalist

Despite Barack Obama’s initial promise of progress, the US administration continues to employ policies that support regimes that kill civilians, says investigative journalist Allan Nairn.

The US President and the US system have tremendous authority over these policies,” Nairn says concerning US involvement in the Middle East. “[Obama] could almost unilaterally cut off the aid to these regimes, to these forces, if he chose to abide by international law… But Obama has chosen not to.”

Nairn says he would like to see Obama held accountable for the acts of terrorism that his administration has committed.

With neither the Republican nor Democratic Party capable of delivering real change, Nairn says the US needs a revolution.

In the words of the American Founding Fathers, ‘alter or abolish’ the current system, because it is not enforcing the murder laws and it is allowing about a billion people worldwide to starve when they could be fed for the price of Washington’s bailout of Citibank,” Nairn says.