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11 Oct, 2011 14:55

Immortal Technique speaks at Occupy Wall Street

Although the Occupy Wall Street movement might be picking up steam over the last several weeks, hip-hop artist Immortal Technique told RT that protesters need to come up with a decisive plan to help further advance their demonstrations.

Speaking from Lower Manhattan on Monday this week, Immortal Technique said to RT that the protests are much like a chess competition, and that those rallying at Zuccotti Square “have to think ahead of the game.”“Even though we have to have a cohesive strategy to pull this together, I think that there is a lot of real brainstorming that needs to happen,” the artist told RT’s Martina Portnaya yesterday.The rapper added that just because a plan needs to be put together doesn’t mean the movement has materialized from happenstance, however. “This didn’t come from nowhere,” he said. “People just didn’t decide to get up and be angry about nothing.”And as the protesters are only getting more riled up, the rapper said that those that have caused the crisis are only continuing to defer the blame.“People that are on Wall Street, people that are in the government, a lot of them are refusing . . . to acknowledge their responsibility in what’s causing all of this,” he said. Immortal Technique also added that as police presence bulks up and incidents of brutality are continued to be reported, anger is only rising within the movement. Of the cops that have been caught pepper spraying and attacking demonstrators, Immortal Technique says that they are “seemingly unable to be held responsible for anything that they do, almost as if they are above their law.”Now in its fourth week, however, the people participating in the movement are slowly but surely showing the law and the rest of the country that they are a force to be reckoned with.