Grassroots approach best way to be involved in Haiti relief - US rapper

Following hip-hop musician Wyclef Jean's bid for the presidency in Haiti, RT's Marina Portnaya talked to US rapper Immortal Technique to find out what the music industry can offer to the quake-struck country.

The best way to [help Haiti] is to come down there; not to read pamphlets full of statistics or to just study them in books, but also to actively participate in them,” said Immortal Technique. “I think that is the line between an activist and a revolutionary. You have to involve yourself a lot more in a particular cause and have the most serious commitment.”

Immortal Technique said he became involved in Haiti relief after offering help to a New York City music club that had been actively working in the country and suggested that the rapper first visit Haiti.

Humanity, when confronted with some of the most drastic and devastating of tragedies that can possibility befall it, still has the capacity for resilience that touches the soul,” said the musician.