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Bush, Cheney listed alongside Hitler, Bin Laden

Bush, Cheney listed alongside Hitler, Bin Laden
A list of the worst people of all time in a middle school yearbook has sparked a furious debate in the state of Arkansas.

Printed on a page in the yearbook of Russellville Middle School is a list, a list ranking the 5 worst people of all time. Topping the list was Adolf Hitler, followed by Osama Bin Laden, Charles Manson, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

School faculty members, reacting to the outcry by parents and local residents, have attempted to cover the page with tape in hopes students would not try and remove it – but of course they did, easily.

My problem is the tape can be removed easily,” parent and school board member Chris Cloud told local news Newsnet5. “I'm furious as a parent and as a board member and as a taxpayer and as a resident of Russellville. It's wrong.”

The school has insisted the list does not reflect the views of the school or the students. In fact, the list was pulled from a poll posted on a website.

Schools Superintendent Randall Williams called the publishing of the list was an “oversight” and expressed shock when he learned the tape could easily be removed by students.

Well that's disappointing because the yearbook supplier told us this was a definite fix,” he said. “I think it's just hard to explain, and I've talked to the [yearbook] sponsor and she is very very very upset about it.”

Williams said the school staffer in charge of the yearbook did not see the list when she sent the yearbook to the printers. As such, the school is reviewing the editing process to make improvements for the future.