Hillary to seek dialogue with Moscow

Hillary Clinton has suggested the U.S. should use a “smart mix” of military and diplomatic power in its foreign policy.

She was testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before her confirmation as the new Secretary of the State.

“First, we must keep our people, our nation, and our allies secure. Second, we must promote economic growth and shared prosperity at home and abroad. Finally, we must strengthen America’s position of global leadership – ensuring that we remain a positive force in the world, whether in working to preserve the health of our planet or expanding dignity and opportunity for people on the margins whose progress and prosperity will add to our own,” she said.

The committee quizzed her on foreign policy issues from North Korea to Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The former first lady also said the U.S. can't solve its most pressing problems on its own.

“President-Elect Obama and I seek a future of cooperative engagement with the Russian government on matters of strategic importance, while standing up strongly for American values and international norms,” Hillary Clinton said.