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16 Jul, 2009 02:40

Hillary Clinton gives major foreign policy address

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been outlining America's foreign policy priorities for the years ahead.

Iran's nuclear programme as well as America's role in the world in the 21st century were some of the main points of what may be called Hillary Clinton’s “return to the stage”.

For the past month she has been off the scene – neither seen nor heard – because of a fractured elbow. In the meantime, Barack Obama has been busy traveling the world giving keynote speeches.

Some critics say his words have been apologetic and focused increasingly on the past, instead of the present or any future plans.

Clinton now stepped up to demonstrate that US foreign policy is, indeed, her forte as she took a slightly stronger stance than what has been heard from the US president in the past few weeks.

According to Clinton, the US is still completely open to engaging with other countries, but by no means should this be seen as a weakness:

“The question is not whether our nation can or should lead, but how it will lead in the 21st century,” the Secretary of State said.

“Rigid ideology and old formulas don’t apply. We need a new mindset about how America will use its power to safeguard our nation, expand shared prosperity and help more people in more places live up to their God-given potential,” she added.

Having missed the presidential trip to Moscow, Clinton now has a lot of making up to do. Nevertheless, she reassured all that she will cooperate closely with Russian foreign minister Lavrov to enact those decisions made at the summit. The Secretary of State is even planning her own visit to Russia this coming autumn.

As for Iran, Clinton took a hard line on the subject. She strongly criticized the way Iran treated its protesters in the wake of recent elections and also noted that the US is still open to engage in talks with Iran, but that the time for this offer is ticking away.