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22 Jun, 2009 07:13

Has President Obama delivered on his election promises?

RT catches up with a former U.S. congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who resigned from Obama's Democratic Party and is a critic of his administration.

She says Obama’s administration has failed miserably on many points promised during the presidential election campaign.

“Torture is not only against US law, it is also against international law. Earlier on, I sent a message to the White House in which I said “Mr. President! Please, do not become an accessory to a crime. In fact, not only has the Obama administration refused to investigate, the Obama administration has sent its Justice Department into court to protect those very individuals who ordered and approved of torture. Therefore, this administration, in my opinion, is walking a very fine line. It could easily become an accessory to torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity,” McKinney says.