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21 Apr, 2010 06:59

Rifle rally protests US govt policies

Scary as it may sound, some Americans are ready to protect their civil liberties with guns in their hands. Dozens of activists have gathered in Alexandria, VA, and Washington DC to speak out.

Gun toting protestors in Virginia promised to keep their guns unloaded, while those in the American capital chose not to carry their guns, in compliance with the district’s gun laws, Associated Press reported.

Protestors carried slogans saying “Guns save lives”. According to a protester in Virginia, Mike Vanderboegh, armed confrontation should be reserved only for circumstances in which the government threatens people's lives.

He added, however, that it may also be justified in cases when people face arrest for refusal to buy insurance under a new health insurance plan, AP report said.

Protesters in Washington, in turn, urged the gathering to elect candidates supporting gun rights.

"I believe it's a right. But sometimes you have to defend our rights with actions," Everett, 71, was quoted by AP as saying. The man added that he wants to "let the people who represent us know that I do not want them to tread on my right to bear arms. A lot of people died for that right."

He was supported by Republican Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, who told the crowd that Second Amendment rights have been eroded over the years, adding that it is high time to “take this government back from the socialists."

The slogans and ideas of gun rights activists have left some feeling uneasy, though.

"You do not threaten our congressmen and our elected officials and talk about you are the three per cent who are going to take over the government and restore democracy. They are going to restore democracy by taking away our democracy, I guess,” said gun rights opponent from Virginia, Laura Austin.

“This is my neighborhood. I live here. And I am just not going to take that,” she added.