Groundhog Day in Washington

It was Groundhog Day once again this week, but in Washington that day comes much more than once a year. Or at least it feels that way.

Think back to the man who is the speaker of the House – John Boehner.

He may in some instances be called “The Weeper of the House,” considering for a while, no matter where you looked, he was crying on television, from speeches to Congressional work to an interview on CBS’s  60 Minutes.

This is also place where the same battles are often fought  again and again. The same issues are rehashed but rarely resolved.

Raising the debt ceiling, extending unemployment benefits and passing a payroll tax cut are merely a few. 

There are also the political sex scandals that happen both in and outside the walls of Washington, to Former US Senators John Ensign and David Vitter, and former Governors Mark Sanford and Eliot Spitzer, they never seem to go away.

When you live in Washington, Groundhog Day comes often.