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9 Sep, 2010 18:14

Golden opportunity for independents in US Congress

Retired navy pilot Kenny Golden believes voters in Virginia’s second district have a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect him, an independent candidate, to the US Congress.

Golden is not your typical Congressional candidate. He rides a Harley Davidson, he already has 5,000 flight hours behind him and his idea of a town hall meeting includes plenty of food an alcohol. He thinks Americans are ready for independence in the form of a congressman.

The surveys that have been taken in this country so far indicate that about 42 percent of Americans are fed up with both the Democratic and the Republican party,” said golden.

Although he is optimistic, Golden faces stiff competition from incumbent Congressman Glenn Nye and Republican candidate Scott Rigell.

Because defense spending accounts for over 40% of the regional economy, residents are particularly concerned about the recent cuts Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has made which directly affect the area.

Gates is proposing to dismantle the Joint Forces Command, which employs over 6,000 people, and is also considering moving an aircraft carrier unit from Norfolk, VA to Mayport, Florida.

Golden said that his stance as an independent would help him see things more clearly than his opponents.

I will look at things through the clear light of day and that’s why my positions are the way they are,” he said.

While Kenny’s supporters applaud his decision to run as an independent, detractors argue he will be lucky if he gets four to six percent of the vote.

Golden said it will take more than luck, but he is optimistic that Virginia is ready for a strong, healthy independent candidate and they should take advantage of this “Golden opportunity” by sending him to Washington.