USA: Georgia to fight Taliban

The US is training the Georgian army to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. The State Department says the first group of American troops will arrive in Tbilisi within several days.

According to US Assistant Secretary of State Philip Crowley, the Georgian government will contribute an infantry brigade to Afghanistan for service under the US command in the International Security Assistance Force, or ISAF.

“Some marines will be arriving in Georgia beginning on August 15 to implement a training program that will commence on September 1,” Crowley said.

American officials say training should not worry the Kremlin, because it would not be used against Russia.

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry says Georgia has recently received too much military help from the US.

According to Moscow, Washington continues to supply the Georgian army with weaponry.

The new American military mission starts work one year after Georgia launched an assault against South Ossetia in which Georgian troops used, predominantly, American military hardware.