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G20 Summit: US a global punching bag

World leaders are gathering in South Korea for the G20 with world currencies at the heart of the agenda. The leaders are working to prevent another financial crisis similar to the one of 2008 and also stop any escalation of a currency war.
Fears of a currency war between the US and China have grown, as America continues to accuse China of cheating by artificially weakening its currency. Gerald Celente, the director of the Trends Research Institute in New York said the US is a global punching bag at the G20 summit, and for good reason.He argued the US is devaluing the US dollar, driving up commodity prices and furthering the economic crash of 2010. The US Federal Reserve recently announced it is pushing $600 billion into the market as a measure of quantitative easing. A policy that has continued for years, Celente said. “This began under the Bush administration, accelerated under the Obama administration,” he explained. “When this bubble burst we said in 2008 when we first predicted it, we said it was going to destabilize world governments.”Celente argued that the policies of the Bush and Obama administrations are driving the US toward a trade war and into further financial crisis. “You have the blindsided, the stupid and the incompetent telling us what to do next. They are ruining the country,” he said. “They’re driving the country into poverty and they’re causing a trade war, currency crisis. Protectionism equals war; go back to World War II. The same scenario is being set up for the next war.” Jeffrey Grupp, the author of "Corporatism: The Secret Government of the New World Order" said the role of the G20 Summit is and has always been to manipulate the laws of economics.“There is a secretive group out there, that’s making themselves more and more known through the decades, just planning all of our futures for us,” said Grupp. “They run the world and the more that they’re in control the worse things get.”He argued that the world leaders meeting in Seoul arrived with preplanned goals. They are not there to discuss, they have a plan and there are going to implement it. “They run the New World Order that’s been around for a thousand years and whatever they have in mind will come about,” he said. The economic news shows on TV are merely a distraction for the public to discuss and debate, Grupp argued. The group will do whatever it wants, and already has a plan for the future. “The whole world is going through an economic decrease in power and it has to be these people are running it, they control it with money and currencies and interest rates,” said Grupp. “It has to be the case that they are deliberately bringing things down.”