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9 Jul, 2010 23:07

Fox News at war with RT

On July 8th Fox News’ Glenn Beck devoted an entire segment to RT, taking shots at RT’s coverage of the New Black Panther Party and at the network as a whole.

Referring to RT as a ‘state run’ English speaking Russian channel, likening RT to Al Jazeera, the Fox News personality said:

The Russian media, well they have their truth, Shabbaz, he has his truth, and then there is something I like to call the actual truth. We thought that since a former Obama DOJ employee is testifying that the case against Shamir Shabazz and other Black Panthers accused of voter intimidation was dropped because of race and politics, call us crazy, or maybe journalist, but we thought that was a story.”

Beck even insinuated that the parents of RT correspondent Priya Sridhar shouldn’t be proud of her employment with RT.

RT Correspondent Lauren Lyster responded saying, “you can bet her parents are very proud, as are mine, that we are working for RT and not for you, that after we graduated from one of the best journalism schools in the country and worked for mainstream networks we’re now working for a network that is covering some of America’s biggest stories, which you so kindly pointed out the US media is not.”

She continued, “and please, stop calling RT state run. I have heard that repeated again and again; it’s not. The Kremlin does not sign our paychecks or tell us how to do our stories, surely not more than Rupert Murdoch tells you how to do yours.”