Making weed hash could put you in jail for life

Making weed hash could put you in jail for life
In Oklahoma the State Senate has passed a bill which could make converting marijuana into hash an offence worth life in prison.

For the first time a marijuana drug charge could land you in jail – forever. The State Senate voted 44 to 2 in favor of the legislation. The bill will not go to the State House for consideration. If passed, it will be transferred to the state’s governor for final approval.

The proposed law was requested by the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBNDD) which claimed the state has seen a few cases of hash manufacturing recently.

OBNDD’s hope is the law would send a message to would-be hash creators that Oklahoma is serious tough on drugs.

Under the law, anyone convicted, even for a first offense, would receive between two years and life in prison. Under a second offense the penalty would be doubled and the individual deemed ineligible for a suspended sentence or probation.