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27 Oct, 2009 18:21

“Death penalty is irreversible, you can’t take back the execution of innocent”

Reginald Blanton, a 28-year-old condemned murderer, will be put to death by lethal injection within hours. His lawyers and supporters are demanding clemency from the US Supreme Court.

“The one piece of physical evidence that was found on the scene was a footprint that was probably used to kick in the door where the murder took place”, Michael Stark, a member of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, told RT.

He said the case is a complete travesty of justice, and that Blanton was convicted without a shred of physical evidence. He also added that the shoeprint was several sizes smaller than Blanton’s.

“The US Supreme Court has already said that death is different, that the standard of proof should be much higher than in normal routine cases,” said Stark. “And the standard of evidence used in this case – that they plan to kill Reginald on – is the kind of evidence that you wouldn’t use to convict a person of a property crime or real estate crime.”

“Reginald Blanton, if you look at the evidence, he very well may be an innocent person – and standing for justice means opposing this execution,” Stark added.