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8 Apr, 2010 18:32

Czech FM praises START, invites Russia to join missile defense

The signing of START has created a highly positive momentum in the international community, Czech foreign minister Jan Kohout told RT.

Kohout highlighted the unique atmosphere of the START talks.

“Everyone noticed that the atmosphere at the talk was excellent and very positive. I believe that things are changing in a very positive way. It’s very important to invest in this atmosphere, not just sit and wait,” Kohout said.

He also added that the talks had been very important, not only for the US and Russia, but also for all of mankind.

“It gives hope to all of us that we can move to a world which would be safer with fewer nuclear weapons and hopefully, finally, without them at all,” Kohout told RT. “We feel more secure because there is understanding and good will between the leaders of the two big countries which will positively influence European security on the whole.”

“Reasons for building the missile defense are still valid as nuclear terrorism is still in place. We are repeating all the time that this is an open project not just for the allies in NATO, but also for the Russian Federation. And it’s up to the Russian Federation to decide at which level and by which means they would be part of such missile defense,” Kohout added.