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Coup d'état continues in Ecuador

Chaos broke out in Ecuador when members of the nation’s military and national police forces turned to violence to protest a new law that reduces their pay and benefits.

The President of Ecuador has declared that there will be no pardon for the people involved in the alleged coup attempt against him.

Rafael Correa's words come after he was rescued by troops from a hospital where he was held for 12 hours. Correa said he was attacked by the police with tear gas and was hospitalized due to injuries.

“President Correa in Ecuador has been sequestered by police and military forces. He is in a military hospital where he was taken after he was attacked by the police forces, but he’s now being detained. He is not there anymore on his own will,” said Eva Golinger, who is in Caracas, Venezuela.

She explained that members of Correa’s government and his supporters have attempted to gain access to the president, but the military is denying them access. Meanwhile, opposition groups have spoken out in favor of the coup d'état and are calling for Correa’s resignation.

She explained that members of Correa’s government and his supports have attempted to gain access to the President, but the military is denying them access. Meanwhile, opposition groups have spoken out in favor of the Coup d'état and are calling for Correa’s resignation.

The law that apparently the police were protesting seems to be just an excuse for some plans that were already underway to execute a coup against Correa,” Golinger said.

In a telephone interview earlier in the day, Correa said there were forces working to assassinate him, but he insisted that even if he is killed his policies will continue in his absence.

Correa’s government and policies have been in conflict with the United States for years, including his rejection of a US based that had been located in the country. Today the US still maintains a presence through the US Agency for International Development and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Some of the groups coming out calling for the president’s resignation are known as groups receiving funding from these US agencies. So, again there is an indications already in just the beginning moments of this coup that’s underway of backing from different US agencies,” said Golinger.

Coup attempts in Latin America in recent years took place in nations that are or were members of the Bolivarian Alliance, which works to oppose US hegemony in the region.

It seems to be that this is an attempt to deter Latin American integration and independence,” said Golinger.

Watch full interview with Eva Golinger


Author and journalist Marc Saint Upéry in Quito, Ecuador said, if it is indeed a coup d'état it is very poorly organized. He said what is happening is a rebellion by the police forces over the reduction in their benefits and pay. The Correa government has said however that benefits have not been cut, and that pay has actually been increased.

It’s the kind over reaction which makes real political manipulation. What I don’t see is a real big consideration with strategically thinking. I think if it is a coup d'état, I think it’s a very badly organized coup d'état,” said Upéry.

It has been reported that Correa said there was an attempt on his life.

That’s not exactly what he said,” said Upéry. “He went to talk to the policemen in one of their camps and there he said, ‘well if you want to kill me, kill me’. The fact is they didn’t kill him.”

But, when the president left some policemen used a noxious gas which did impact him.

If they wanted to kill him, they could have killed him very easily,” said Upéry.

He explained that he is still not sure what the policemen want, their only demands have been that the law be changed to return the benefits they feel they have lost.

The national army has however issued a declaration in support of Correa and issued a state of emergency, placing them in charge.

What should happen is that the army intervenes to free the president,” said Upéry.

However, Upéry said that such an incident would be a very delicate because the army does not want to have to take lives or shed the blood of police members.

The people of Ecuador have come out in strong support for the president. The people want the police to stop and the president to be released, even though some do understand the concerns of the police force, said Upéry.

As this goes on, crime has suddenly risen and armed gangs have taken to the streets since there are no ongoing police patrols.

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