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Cindy Sheehan sued by the IRS

Cindy Sheehan sued by the IRS
War activist Cindy Sheehan says giving America her son was enough of a sacrifice and hasn’t paid federal taxes since he was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Now the Internal Revenue Service is suing Ms. Sheehan for her financial records so they can begin begging for back taxes.

Only recently did Sheehan, 54, find out that the IRS was intending to take her to court over her past financial history. It was a revelation she only discovered with Sacramento, California network News10 sprang it on her during a recent interview.

“Isn’t it nice of the IRS to tell the media where to ambush me before they tell me that the US Attorney is suing me?” Sheehan writes on her blog. She addressed the issue this week by commenting under the headline, “Surprise, the US Attorney Has Filed a Law Suit Against You!”

“I paid my taxes for, you know, what- 30 years before my son was killed?” she tells News10. “I feel like I gave my son to this country in an illegal and immoral war and I'll never get him back,” adds the activist.

Sheehan has openly acknowledged in the past that she has skipping doing her annual tax work since 04 when her son, Casey, was killed overseas. In the aftermath of her son’s death, Sheehan became an advocate for ending the War in Iraq and continues to campaign against US military actions today. And while she regularly attends anti-war rallies and has written two books on the topic, Sheehan’s refusal to file tax returns serves as another form of protest.

“Let’s cut through all the bullshit,” reads a recent blog post from Sheehan. “There is no monetary value large enough that can be placed on a human life or the love of a mother for her child.”

“I consider that my debt to this country was paid in full when my son, Casey, was recklessly with no regard for his safety…murdered for the lies of a regime, whose members … roam around the world free and unfettered by threatening prosecutions or persecutions after committing war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace and high crimes and misdemeanors against our own Constitution,” she writes.

“If they can give me my son back then I'll pay my taxes and that's not going to happen.”

Sheehan says she won’t budge over the issue and warns the US government that they will have a worth adversary in her if they attempt to continue with their lawsuit. “The Feds have thrown down the gauntlet against someone who has absolutely not one ounce of fear of them, and when it’s over, they’ll know they have been in a fight,” she says.