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4 Jun, 2010 23:04

BP protesters take anger to lobbyists

More than 100 protesters gathered in front of BP’s government affairs office June 4, chanting “Dead fish here, dead fish there, BP profits everywhere."

The protesters said they were hoping that employees and lobbyists working inside the building would hear their concerns.

We're here outside the lobbying office of BP where they're paying millions of dollars and giving tons of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to clean up their image,” said Philip Radford, president of Greenpeace USA.

They and their friends at big oil continue to lobby to prevent a sane energy policy," said Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen.

The scene of people gathered outside a high rise building was a sharp contrast from the reality of the disaster on the gulf coast, where oil-soaked birds and marine life are beginning to show-up, 45 days after the explosion and oil spill on the gulf coast, and there is still no end in sight.

Protesters used symbolic gestures, like pouring chocolate syrup on a stuffed duck and others crying at the sight of the latest photos of oil drenched birds.

"11 people died,” Radford said. “There's clear negligence, criminal negligence."

Weissman echoed his sentiment: “If you're driving down the street and you swerve your car and kill someone, the district attorney's going to come after you for negligent homicide. BP killed 11 people on their rig for their reckless actions."

One of the chief targets for today's protesters was BP CEO Tony Hayward. Protesters say he committed a crime and should do the time.

"He's guilty because he killed 11 workers and he is a major cause for this oil spill,” said law student Crystal Kim.

Frustration levels magnified after a serious gaff he made while being interviewed by NBC.

There’s no one who wants this thing over more,” Hayward said. “I mean, I want my life back.”

Many protesters said the 11 people killed were unable to get their lives back.

Most of those gathered today were also frustrated with US President Barack Obama, saying they want the president to crack down on BP and remove the liability cap. Protesters said they hoped all the top executives would face criminal charges.