Biden’s attempts to pull us into the past are abnormal – Lavrov

Russia hopes the Obama administration will keep to agreements made between the US and Russian presidents in Moscow, Foreign Minister Lavrov said.

Commenting to the Vesti TV Channel on Joe Biden's words about a weakened Russia, Sergey Lavrov said:

“I hope that the Obama administration will follow the course adopted in Moscow. We consider abnormal the attempts by this administration to drag us back to the past as Vice President Joe Biden tried to do. His interview published in the Wall Street Journal looks like the rhetoric copied directly from the Bush administration”.

The US Vice President gave the interview to the Wall Street Journal after last week's visit to Ukraine and Georgia.

Biden also said Russia's economy is “withering” and suggested this will force it to make concessions to the West, including on a wide range of national security issues such as the relationship with its closest neighbors.

Experts say that Biden’s rhetoric is complicating Russia-US relations.

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