Next space team checked out their ship at Baikonur

The next international team of cosmonauts, who came to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Sunday, examined the spaceship and spacesuits they will be using on their expedition. The launch is scheduled for April 2.

During the dress rehearsal, the cosmonauts had a chance to explore the real Soyuz space ship. Previously, for their trainings they were using models of the ship and the space station.

They also put on the spacesuits, which were made especially to suit the peculiarities of each cosmonaut.

After all the tests, the cosmonauts shared their impressions and made remarks which will be considered by the support staff.

The main and reserve teams each consist of 2 Russian and 1 American cosmonaut. It will be the first space flight for the mission’s commander, Aleksandr Skvortsov. The only woman on the teams, Tracy Caldwell Dyson, has experience flying an American shuttle, but it will be her first flight on the Soyuz space ship.