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6 Apr, 2010 16:08

Acclaimed US dancer brings passion to Moscow stage

Renowned New York choreographer Azsure Barton presents her spectacular show of ballet and drama in Moscow.

Despite her youth, Barton has already made a name for herself in the US as a successful choreographer working with such dancers as Mikhail Baryshnokov and Andrey Ratmansky. She also staged shows for the prestigious American Ballet Theatre.

Critics write that Barton’s productions are full of beauty, passion, and sensuality. Every movement of her dancers is extremely expressive, sophisticated, and emotional. Spectators often say it is hard to imagine that the human body is capable of moving in such complex ways as in Barton’s shows.

Somehow, this richness of choreography and emotion does not end up as chaos – all Barton’s plots are clear and highly detailed.

For Moscow audiences, Azsure Barton has chosen two different productions mixing her unique style with elements of classical ballet.

First, “Busk” is a performance where artists are playing the role of artists trying to find the meaning of their lives through a passionate dance.

“Artists in this show do their best to find how well they interpret the choreographer’s or the creator’s ideas and present them on stage,” dancer Stefan Lax told RT.

Critics say Barton’s dance resembles “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch – a famous painting that is very deep, highly ironic, and a little obscene.

The music for the performance is very special as well – it was not written specifically for the show, but the composer said he had always imagined this music was to be danced to.

“I imagined people moving free and falling over. That’s the dance! Totally disorganised!” composer Lev Zhurbin said.

The second production – “Blue Soup” – is a montage including fragments from the most interesting Barton shows over the past years.

“I thought about what would represent me as an artist and as a person,” Azsure Barton told RT. “So I came up with this a mix of different repertoires.”