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9 Sep, 2010 18:16

More arrests as protestors speak out against police shooting

There is more outrage on the streets of Los Angeles after the killing of 37-year-old Manuel Jamines at the hands of the Los Angeles Police Department.

For a third straight night, hundreds of angry demonstrators took to the streets, "flipping off" the police department and calling them killers.

Helicopters kept a close eye overhead, while on the ground, officers in riot gear suited up to take action. Since the deadly shooting of the Guatemalan immigrant, dozens of protesters have been arrested, only adding to the already volatile situation. On this night there were a handful of arrests.

There was a massive police presence for a third night in response to the protests. Earlier in the evening, the police held a safety meeting in hopes of easing the tensions between the police and the community, but based on the reaction, there is still a lot of anger towards the police.

You have to stop portraying my people as causing all this commotion because there are people ready to erupt so they can start another LA riot,” said one of the speakers at the town hall-style meeting.

We don’t teach police officers to take knives from people,” responded Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

His response only angered neighbors even more.

For years, there have been simmering tensions between police and the people of Los Angeles’ Westlake neighborhood. People in this predominantly immigrant community say they have been victims of police abuse.

Now we are learning that the officer who shot Jamines in the head, Frank Hernandez, has been involved in two other shootings while on duty. Officer Hernandez was cleared in both cases. Protesters tell us there will not be any justice in this latest case.