“War is an enormous disappointment for many in the US” – American journalist

RT has spoken to US journalist, and TV and radio host Amy Goodman on how the Obama administration deals with its main challenges, and what the American people think of their leader.

“President Obama chose to expand the war in Afghanistan. And I would say, on the issue of war, there’s been an enormous disappointment for many in the United States,” Goodman said.

“Then there’s an issue of who gains in the United States with the economic meltdown. And I think [President Obama] also surprised many people by the fact that he surrounded himself by the same players who were people deeply involved with the financial institutions they were supposed to be regulating,” the journalist believes. “And so people across the United States have gone bankrupt, have lost their jobs – unemployment is an enormous problem in the United States. And yet the banks have made out like bandits – banks that Americans bailed out.”