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12 Mar, 2010 07:50

Enemy within: Americans in global terror web

An American man arrested in Yemen in a roundup of suspected al-Qaeda members has been accused of killing a guard and wounding another as he tried to flee a hospital where he was being held.

Sharif Mobley, who worked in a nuclear power plant, was not listed by special services as a member of any terrorist organization and was frequently checked by federal authorities.

It is the second terrorism case involving American citizens revealed this week.

Colleen Larose, also known as Jihad Jane, has been charged with conspiring with terrorists and plotting to kill in the name of a holy war.

She was reportedly arrested in October, but this fact became known to the public only two days ago.

Chief analyst of the website Revolutionmuslim.com, Younous Abdullah Muhammad, believes the timing of the arrest is significant.

“It is obvious that intelligence forces were watching and were aware of her [Colleen Larose]. The question becomes is this arrest and the publicity of this case timed coincident to a perpetuation of a continuous war in Afghanistan and Iraq and trying to get the public support for that war,” analyst said.

He also pointed out that this is in addition to potential insurrection on the domestic front, which is another angle that must be looked at because it is a deliberate attack on alternative media in itself.

“This is one case in many where by trying to suggest that there is an incitement occurring over the Internet, whether it was Jihad Jane or whether it was the case we saw earlier in the week with the 9/11 truther. This is a movement to discredit alternative press and to keep the mainstream public reliant upon the mainstream media, which provides only soundbites. We are about gathering information with no depth to it at all. This is a perfect example, the way this case has been covered up there,” stated Younous Abdullah Muhammad.

He concluded that the “Muslim public do not need to turn on to online jihad forums or websites to be radicalized. They are radicalized every day by looking at the news of US troops invading their lands, of a successive support of Israel, of a continuation of processes Muslims are expected just watch and observe as their peoples, their natural resources and the quality of their lives are subdued on behalf of America’s national interests.”