“US decision - a big victory for the Czech people”

The US decision to scrap the AMD plans in Europe is an important one for the 70% of Czechs who were against it, says Jan Tamas from the “No To Base” movement.

Tamas, one of the strongest opponents to the plan to place anti-missile radar systems in the Czech Republic and Poland, believes the plan did more harm than good and praised Obama for ending it.

“Barack Obama realized it’s a step in the wrong direction. It was actually bringing us closer to a potential conflict, or even World War III.” Tamas said.

However, Tamas believes that it should have been the Czech side that ended the plan.

“On the other hand, we are disappointed that it was the US government that brought this to an end and that it was not the Czech government that has for years been ignoring the will of the Czechs.”

“Therefore, it’s a really sad day for democracy in our country that our future had to be decided outside our country.”

Tamas also discussed new causes such as nuclear weapons proliferation and the US role in ending it

“We will strongly support [Barack Obama] in all these actions leading to nuclear disarmament."