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1 Jul, 2010 23:00

Alleged Russian spies face US justice

A group of the alleged Russian spies arrested in the US are being charged in Alexandria, VA in the US Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

RT contributor Wayne Madsen referred to the court as a “Rocket Docket,” saying it is the favorite court of the CIA who uses it as a means to quickly push through cases to ensure swift convictions.

We have a real problem in Alexandria in the US District Court with conflicts of interest and what I would say is not only prosecutorial misconduct but also judicial misconduct from the bench,” said Madsen.

He explained that the speed the arrests to the court room so quickly in this case is further evidence of the “rocket docket” mentality the court holds.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act in the US requires lobbyists in Washington, DC, who act as agents for foreign governments to register their affiliations.

On this violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, I looked at the FARA database maintained by the Justice Department. The government of Israel only has five registered agents in New York and Washington, DC; that kind of defies logic when know about the influence peddling that country does,” said Madsen.

Madsen said he found dozens of other countries who do not have registered agents, including France, which in all likelihood does employ lobbyists in the US.

The entire issue is becoming highly political, argued Madsen. Court documents revealed that alleged spy Cynthia Murphy was maintaining an account for a cabinet member in the Obama administration. Alan Patricof, the former Senatorial campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, has confirmed he may have been the target.
Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern said “what we have here is a very sophomoric PR contest offensive by the FBI.

He argued that the FBI simply asked and received permission to advertise all the things they can do, utilizing key terms and spy lingo.

McGovern also argued that the alleged individuals assimilated into the American way of life, possibly assimilating a bit more than the Russian intelligence service would have liked.