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23 Oct, 2009 22:01

“US military may still have its secrets”

The Abu Kamal raid in Syria is just one of example of covert US military operations covered up by the American government, said investigative journalist Reese Erlich.

Referring to Bush-era policies, Erlich noted that there is no guarantee the current administration does have the same policies.

“These kind of covert activities often do not get revealed until either somebody strongly disagrees with it inside the intelligence community or a lot of time has gone by,” he said.

According to Syrian authorities, almost a year ago, on October 26, 2008, four U.S. helicopters entered Syrian territory and attacked a farm near Abu Kamal town close to the Iraqi border.

Eight civilians were killed in the attack which, according to an anonymous source in the US government who was speaking to Reuters news agency, was targeting senior al Qaeda operative Abu Ghadiya.

The official said that Abu Ghadiya was killed in the strike. However, according to later reports, an anonymous Pentagon source claims it may not be the case and the terrorist is still alive.

American authorities have neither confirmed nor denied the attack.