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8 Nov, 2021 17:36

‘From one puppet to another’: Biden cheering Sesame Street’s Big Bird on Covid jab raises eyebrows

‘From one puppet to another’: Biden cheering Sesame Street’s Big Bird on Covid jab raises eyebrows

President Biden briefly abandoned trying to convince American adults to take the vaccine, instead embracing children’s TV puppet Big Bird for taking a shot in the wing to encourage children to get the recently approved shot.

US President Joe Biden took to Twitter on Sunday to praise the oversized yellow puppet for “keep[ing] your whole neighborhood safe,” a day after Big Bird tweeted that he had been vaccinated.

With only a sore wing to slow him down, Big Bird sang the praises of the jab, gushing that it would “give [his] body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy.

Pfizer’s vaccine formula was approved for use in children ages 5 to 11 last week, and the government now faces the uphill battle of trying to convince parents to drag their children to the doctor for a shot many believe they don’t actually need.

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The president’s critics were baffled by his priorities, mocking what they viewed as Biden’s puppet-like nature.

Some chastised the leader for conspiring with Big Bird to con children into taking ‘dangerous’ drugs.

One user even reported the president to the Twitter police over “Covid misinformation,” pointing out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have acknowledged there is no evidence getting vaccinated actually prevents an individual from spreading the virus to others.

However, Big Bird’s fans jumped to his rescue, dismissing the concerns of elected officials who denounced the move as “propaganda.”

It’s little surprise that Biden would seek solace in the plush, yellow arms of a children’s show puppet. His approval ratings have plummeted over the last two month to just 37.8% – less even than a USA Today poll predicted they would drop. Vice President Kamala Harris did even worse, with just 27.8% of respondents approving of her performance. The polls were conducted in the days after this month’s elections, which also hinted that the American people were fleeing the Democratic Party in droves. Even Democratic voters have suggested they would prefer another candidate to Biden running again in the 2024 election. 

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