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27 Apr, 2021 13:09

Rose McGowan goes on Fox News to say Dems are in a cult & fury erupts as they miss the part where she says GOP are cultists too

Rose McGowan goes on Fox News to say Dems are in a cult & fury erupts as they miss the part where she says GOP are cultists too

No-nonsense activist Rose McGowan managed to infuriate Democratic true believers by going on Fox News and saying they were in a cult. Blue campers rushed to explain how Republicans were worse, either missing or ignoring her point.

McGowan, a former actress and a leading voice in the MeToo movement a few years ago, suffered her latest barrage of outraged tweets from Democrats on Tuesday. The prompt was her appearance on Fox News, which she used to explain why she believes some Democrats live in a cult without realizing it.

“I grew up in a cult. It was a very famous cult called ‘Children of God’, and it gave me a superpower,” she said, explaining her perspective. “It gave me the ability to see the control and the propaganda machine, especially in the US, for what it is, and how it harms people. And how the left can harm people just as much as the right, if they go very, very deep into it and ignore all the other aspects of reality.”

And I do believe Democrats most especially are in a deep cult that they really don’t know about and are not really aware of.

McGowan added that she saw the Democratic politicians as custodians of a system that “benefits so few.” They “masquerade as the helpers” while scapegoating obstructionist Republicans for a lack of significant change, which she believes Democrats are actually fine with.

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“I am going to get a lot of hate for being on Fox News. That’s just a fact,” she predicted. “I would say: look at your belief system and get free. You can still believe in whatever party you want to believe in, but not to the limit where it makes it so you cannot have human conversation with the other person.”

And predictable as a Swiss watch, the rebukes did arrive. People on Twitter rushed to rebuke McGowan, saying how wrong she was to call Democrats a cult and, for some reason, measuring them against the Republicans.

Others defensively touted Joe Biden’s policies as radically transformative. “Dems unilaterally pass legislation to cut child poverty IN HALF & are working on the most climate-oriented policy America has ever had,” one commenter said.

Ironically, this highlights a popular point of criticism from the left targeting the incumbent US administration: it wasn’t bold enough to eradicate child poverty in the world’s wealthiest country, but is quite fine with seeking record-breaking military spending.

In follow-up posts on McGowan’s Twitter account, she drew attention to how her detractors had chosen to miss the point she wanted to make about political divisiveness in the US.

“Both sides are so f***ed … both sides of the media,” she mused. The fact that Fox News, a channel that Democrats love to see as the enemy, would let her on air to deliver the message was “extraordinary,” she added.

The explanation, unsurprisingly, didn’t land well with the intended audience. “No, they used you,” retorted Keith Olbermann, a master of angry never-Trump rants. “If you can’t tell the difference between the Republican Death Cult and the Democrats, let me summarize for you: you’re full of s**t. And blocked.”

McGowan seems to be wearing that particular dismissal as a badge of honor.

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