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16 Feb, 2021 12:47

‘Sickening’: Health inspector caught doing 'happy dance’ after wrongly shutting down brewery before Super Bowl (VIDEO)

‘Sickening’: Health inspector caught doing 'happy dance’ after wrongly shutting down brewery before Super Bowl (VIDEO)

A Los Angeles County health inspector was caught on camera doing an energetic “happy dance” after she allegedly shut down a brewery on false pretenses right before the Super Bowl.

The health inspector arrived to shut down the establishment at 11am on Super Bowl Sunday, according to Bart Avery, the owner of Bravery Brewery in Lancaster, California, preventing the local craft brewery from making money on one of the most profitable days of the year – because it did not have a food truck.

The inspector allegedly told Avery that according to Covid-19 restrictions, his business could not remain open without a food truck, and ordered the establishment to close – though the owner later found her claim to be incorrect. Since the brewery was only pouring draught beer to go, they did not need a food truck to operate.

Avery told Fox News on Monday that his business has been “decimated financially and emotionally” during the pandemic and by the forced closure – but it made matters worse when he reviewed footage from a camera inside the premises and was shocked to discover that the inspector had performed a happy jig in the brewery just after issuing the order to shut it down.

CCTV footage showed the woman tapping her foot and clapping her hands before breaking out into a dance in the same spot customers would have been collecting their takeout beers had the business not been made to close. The inspector's superior called to apologize for the mistake the next day, Fox reported. 

While he can't know exactly why the health inspector decided to dance, "the perception really sucks," he told the channel.

Social media users called the clip “shameful” and “sickening,” with some calling for the health inspector's dismissal.

“These government bureaucrats will celebrate your bankruptcy. They will laugh at us as we struggle to feed our kids. They get a paycheck regardless. Their lust for control [knows] no bounds,” wrote UFC fighter Tim Kennedy. The Daily Caller's Logan Hall claimed that “the arbitrary control that COVID measures granted random 'health' officials and bureaucrats gave them a 'ruin lives for sport' card.”

California State Senator Scott Wilk also protested the incident, tweeting, “Bravery Brewery does so much for our local veterans. The Avery family are committed volunteers in the AV & have suffered financial hardships [because] of Newsom's unsteady leadership.”

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