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2 Feb, 2021 14:23

Conservative ‘Avenger’ Ted Cruz fights evil environmentalists and dastardly Democrats, gets ridiculed online

Conservative ‘Avenger’ Ted Cruz fights evil environmentalists and dastardly Democrats, gets ridiculed online

Texas senator and apparent superhero geek Ted Cruz has been roasted online for his peculiar takeaway from the smash-hit Marvel movies, namely that “rabid environmentalists” were the bad guys all along.

Speaking to conservative pundit Michael Knowles on Monday, Cruz complained that President Joe Biden’s environmental crusade would cost jobs, and infringe on the freedom of Americans to work however they want. Biden’s job-killing environmentalism isn’t just bad for oil and gas workers, he argued: it places the Democrat leader alongside some of the comic book world’s most notorious villains.

“Have you noticed in how many movies, how often rabid environmentalists are the bad guys?” Cruz mused. “Whether it’s Thanos, or go to ‘Watchmen’, the view of the left is people are a disease… that everything would be better if we had fewer people.”

“I mean, Thanos wanted to eliminate 50 percent of the lifeforms in the universe with one finger snapping.”

Cruz’s ‘Thanos was a Democrat’ argument was quickly scoffed at online. While critics have noted that Avengers villain Thanos was a committed environmentalist, commenters ripped on Cruz for using comic books to explain his politics.

‘Watchmen’ producer Lila Byock chimed in, asking Cruz “literally what the f**k are you talking about?”

“Thanos and [Watchmen villain] Manhattan believed that humanity was irredeemable,” one commenter joked. “Ted Cruz proves them right everytime.”

Just as Thanos viewed humans as a polluting species in need of culling, ‘Watchmen’ villain Ozymandias was a humanitarian, whose goal in the original comic book was to avert nuclear war between the US and USSR – albeit while wiping out millions of people along the way.

Cruz wasn’t the only one to see similarities between these villains and the zero-carbon utopianists of the modern left. However, Joe Biden has a long way to go from laying off energy workers to wiping out half the population with a click of his fingers if he wants to join the heavyweight comic book evildoers.

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