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28 Dec, 2020 01:05

Critics chortle as CNN's Tapper says he won't interview White House press secretary because she lies the way ‘most people breathe’

Critics chortle as CNN's Tapper says he won't interview White House press secretary because she lies the way ‘most people breathe’

Social media users had to remind CNN host Jake Tapper of his network's history of dishonest reporting and disgraced guests after he said he wouldn't allow White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on his show because she lies.

Asked by fellow CNN host Brian Stelter on Sunday about the diminishing quality of information that he was able to get out of White House guests, Tapper said: “There are some people that are… so mendacious, I just wouldn't put them on air. Kayleigh McEnany, I never booked her. Jason Miller from the Trump campaign, I would never book him.

These are just people who just, they just tell lies the way that, you know, most people breathe.

McEnany responded on Twitter, calling Tapper's comments “baseless personal attacks with zero evidence.” She added that Tapper's real problem is, “I do not leak, I do not lie, but I do call out the lies of the media (i.e. CNN Russia collusion hoax).”

Twitter users mocked Tapper for banning McEnany based on the allegation that she lies, all while hosting such guests as indicted porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and US Representative Adam Schiff (D-California). “My God, it's like they have no memory at all,” one commenter said.

“Didn't they give a platform to a white supremacist, a real one?” Australian columnist Rita Panahi asked. “Then there's this,” she added, posting a picture of Stelter interviewing Avenatti about his presidential campaign strategy.

Given its own record of false reporting, Tapper's comments struck some observers as lacking in self-awareness. “Jake Tapper needs an intervention,” Breitbart News editor Joel Pollak tweeted.

Donald Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis called Tapper and Stelter “nothing more than two pathetic figures trying to convince themselves they're relevant.”

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Another observer agreed, saying they were “like two dorks in high school talking about why they wouldn't date the head cheerleader that they have zero chance of getting anyway.”

But left-wing author Kurt Eichenwald accused McEnany of “relentless lying” and said that, unlike her boss, she's not “unbalanced enough” to think she's telling the truth. “You are the worst, most dishonest press secretary in American history,” he said.

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