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7 Dec, 2020 18:32

‘I’m a f***ing teacher!’: Woman has MELTDOWN at Oregon anti-lockdown protesters, gets dubbed ‘Subaru Karen’

‘I’m a f***ing teacher!’: Woman has MELTDOWN at Oregon anti-lockdown protesters, gets dubbed ‘Subaru Karen’

A video of a self-described school teacher stopping her car in the middle of the road to shout profanities at a group of anti-lockdown protesters in Bent, Oregon, has gone viral – and the woman got meme treatment.

“B***h kill yourself,” the woman wearing a facemask on her chin can be heard yelling at the crowd in the Sunday clip which has since blown up on Twitter. 

“I'm a f***ing teacher! I work in schools!” she introduces herself, while almost hanging out of her car window and adding: “My students’ families are dying!” 

Uploaded by a Trump supporter going by ‘Bless USA 45’ on Twitter, the shocking footage of the supposed educator was apparently taken in Bend during a “peaceful rally to keep businesses open.”

The teacher’s raging reaction to the protests garnered more than one and a half million views in a single day, attracting plenty of commenters utterly baffled by her behavior.

“Makes me want to homeschool my kids,” one person tweeted, as many commenters seemed concerned over the woman’s emotional stability while supposedly working with children.

Others, on the contrary, found the clip hilarious, dubbing the woman “Subaru teacher Karen,” and quickly got to making memes out of her meltdown.

Currently, indoor businesses like gyms, movie theaters and other non-essential facilities are closed down in Oregon, with restaurants and bars working only in a takeout capacity.

The lockdown was imposed last month by Governor Kate Brown, whose decision has been faced with protests from the onset. Last Friday in a statement, Brown said that Oregon’s hardest days “still lie ahead.” 

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