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3 Dec, 2020 22:51

‘Hypocrites of 2020’: LA store celebrated for blasting Hunter Biden, Pelosi, Fauci, & more with unusual holiday window decorations

‘Hypocrites of 2020’: LA store celebrated for blasting Hunter Biden, Pelosi, Fauci, & more with unusual holiday window decorations

Los Angeles boutique store Kitson has found itself celebrated by conservatives on social media for a holiday display featuring their “people of the year,” including Dr. Anthony Fauci and Hunter Biden.

Kitson’s “people” of the year starts with a poster of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti holding money next to a quote saying: “I will turn your phone off if you don’t obey. Target, Costco, Walmart, etc. can sell nonessential items but small businesses are forbidden.”

Garcetti has been frequently criticized for his leadership during the Covid-19 pandemic. He previously threatened to shut off power and water to households disobeying shutdown orders, and recently announced new stay-at-home orders that forbid people from non-essential travel. 

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Others to get their own posters and make the store’s “people of the year” include Dr. Anthony Fauci, who sits on the White House coronavirus task force, and Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden.

Hunter’s poster includes the quote: “Where is my laptop my China deal is on it. Don’t forget 10% for the big guy!”

In the weeks leading up to the election, a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden was found to hold emails suggesting his father was involved in foreign business dealings while he was vice president, something he has denied in the past. A former business partner of Hunter claimed Joe Biden was referred to in correspondence as the “big guy” to keep him anonymous.

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Fauci’s poster blasted him for his position changes on the Covid-19 pandemic, including advice early on when he told people to only wear masks if they had symptoms. He later admitted that this advice was motivated by shortages of PPE for medical workers.

Inserted was an image of Fauci with his mask pulled down at a baseball game over the summer.

“Holy cow this is absolutely spectacular,” podcaster and author Dave Rubin, who lives in Los Angeles, tweeted on Thursday, along with footage of the posters. 

“We the people are fighting back,” he added. 

“Brilliant,” actor and outspoken conservative Robert Davi tweeted in response.

Others vowed to purchase products from the store, even if they did not live in Los Angeles.

Kitson’s visual critique of Democrats went even further as other posters include “hypocrites of 2020!” Among those chosen is actress Alyssa Milano, who is wearing a Santa cap in her poster and a T-shirt reading “#Defundthepolice,” a movement she has been supportive of, with a quote reading: “David, call 911 there’s a squirrel in our backyard!”

The quote is a reference to the ‘Defund the Police’ advocate calling 911 over what she reportedly said was an “armed” gunman in her neighborhood but it turned out to be a teenager playing with an airsoft rifle. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, both Democrats, were also blasted as “hypocrites.” 

“Rules for thee, not for me,” Pelosi’s poster reads. Included is an image of her breaking Covid-19 guidelines with a recent visit to a hair salon.

Newsom’s poster is plastered with the quote: “I demand a better table at the French Laundry Restaurant and I want to be seated inside with my 22 friends,”referencing the recent release of photos from a dinner Newsom had where no guests appeared to wear masks and multiple households were in attendance, something state guidelines warn against. 

Newsom announced a “temporary” regional stay-at-home order on Thursday, tightening restrictions on his state. Any region considered high risk will see businesses deemed non-essential, like bars and hair salons, forced to close. However, he earlier excluded Hollywood studios from following a month-long curfew, deeming the industry "essential."

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