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18 Nov, 2020 18:29

Trump slapped with NINE ‘disputed’ labels over election fraud claims on Twitter in just two hours

Trump slapped with NINE ‘disputed’ labels over election fraud claims on Twitter in just two hours

US President Donald Trump has had nine of his posts labeled as “disputed” by Twitter in a little over two hours, as he went on an 11-tweet streak, arguing with the media about the presidential election results.

On Wednesday, Trump took to his social media platform of choice to argue with, among others, the New York Times, Reuters, and CBS News that “voter fraud all over the country” was the reason he lost the 2020 election.

During the frantic series of tweets, Trump claimed that election fraud specifically kept him from winning in Michigan and Georgia, though he didn’t offer specific evidence. The president speculated that, in Detroit, the total number of ballots cast was “far greater than the number of people who voted,” and that Democrats had “cheated big time” in Michigan.

In Georgia, he protested the ballot recount, saying it was “unconstitutional” for Republican poll watchers to not be participating in the process. Although, during the recount, the state did discover some uncounted ballots, they weren’t enough to change the overall outcome in Trump’s favour.

As Trump continued to tweet and Twitter attempted to ‘fact check,’ the platform repeatedly slapped the “disputed” label on almost all his posts. “This claim about election fraud has been disputed,” a warning under each tweet reads.

However, even if he could prove he actually won both states, he would still fall short of winning the election in electoral college votes.

Also on rt.com Trump campaign paying $3 million for recount in two Wisconsin counties

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign team has requested a partial ballot recount in a third vital state – Wisconsin, where Democratic challenger Joe Biden is currently presumed to have won with a margin of just over 20,000 votes.

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