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6 Nov, 2020 17:31

‘Happy day’: Pelosi hails ‘President-Elect Joe Biden’ with ‘tremendous mandate,’ votes still being counted in several states

‘Happy day’: Pelosi hails ‘President-Elect Joe Biden’ with ‘tremendous mandate,’ votes still being counted in several states

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has embraced the “imminent” victory of Democrat Joe Biden, as battleground states continue to count votes and the Trump campaign files lawsuits.

The California Democrat framed the supposed upcoming victory as a “tremendous mandate,” even though the former vice president had yet to officially win the decisive 270 electoral votes needed to clinch the presidency.

I am so officially pleased with the outcome that is imminent, and also personally delighted because of the quality and caliber of leadership that Biden will provide,” Pelosi said.

This morning it is clear that the Biden-Harris ticket will win the White House.

Pretty soon the hyphen will be gone from Vice President to President-Elect Joe Biden,” she suggested, adding that this is a “happy day” for the US.

The congresswoman gushed that Biden had won the “biggest vote ever in the history of our country” – 73.8 million at current count, though Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and a handful of other states have not finished processing ballots, and President Donald Trump has pledged to fight what he insists is rampant voter fraud in the courts.

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Pelosi is far from the only Democrat to declare victory ahead of a decisive win for Biden. The candidate’s campaign launched its transition website on Wednesday, right after Election Day, even as Trump was claiming victory in Pennsylvania and demanding a recount in Wisconsin. While Biden himself had not declared certain victory at that time, he did tell reporters that he and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris “believe we will be the winners.

Biden’s rapid response director, Andrew Bates, also threatened Trump after reports that the president was not interested in conceding, telling Fox News on Friday that “the US government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

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