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26 Oct, 2020 18:25

‘So cringeworthy’: Kamala Harris accused of ‘pandering’ after doing a promo about her sneakers amid election campaign

‘So cringeworthy’: Kamala Harris accused of ‘pandering’ after doing a promo about her sneakers amid election campaign

Kamala Harris garnered quite a few haters after “going sneaker shopping” with a pop culture outlet as a campaign promotional event, with viewers seeing the move as unserious and “pandering.”

Harris was probed about her footwear in a video released on Monday by lifestyle outlet Complex.

“I love my chucks,” the California senator said of her Chuck Taylor sneakers, a fashion choice often lauded in liberal circles on social media. “I think it’s a statement about who we really are,” she added by way of explanation.

Despite a policy-free intro, the 10-minute discussion was overwhelmingly focused on it. Harris spoke about her running mate Joe Biden’s plans for small business financial relief programs, and potential mandates to prevent the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus.

However, a fashion-titled video published on a pop-culture channel was, perhaps, not the ideal media space for a vice presidential candidate to occupy during a pandemic and an economic crisis. Many online users thought it was simply a substance-less ad, designed to “pander” to a younger audience on a cultural level.

“Why didn’t they play the greatest rapper alive, Tupac Shakur while shopping?” one commenter jokingly pondered, referring to the time Harris seemed to not know the musician was long dead while trying to prove her hip-hop cred.

Some users cut to the chase, voicing issues with Harris’ prosecutorial record.

Harris’ defenders, however, also seemed to ignore her policy proposals, simply saying she looked “cool” and “ballin.”

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