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24 Oct, 2020 13:07

‘Who said she had our vote?’ Liberals OUTRAGED that undecided black voters won’t automatically back Kamala Harris

‘Who said she had our vote?’ Liberals OUTRAGED that undecided black voters won’t automatically back Kamala Harris

Undecided black voters shouldn’t examine vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris’ record, and shouldn’t be given airtime if they don’t back Joe Biden – this appears to be the liberal consensus in comments on a recent MSNBC clip.

When MSNBC’s Chris Jansing sat down with three undecided black women voters on Friday, they told her that neither President Donald Trump nor Biden had made a convincing enough case for their vote. After they took issue with Biden’s sponsorship of a controversial crime bill in 1994, Jansing asked whether the presence of Harris on Biden’s ticket swayed them at all.

“No,” and “not at all,” the women responded. “I don’t know who said she had our vote,” one said.

“I hold officials accountable, I don’t care what color you are,” one of the other women said. “Too often we automatically think that because someone looks like you that they’re going to have your best interests at heart, but that’s simply not true.”

The liberal commentariat on Twitter was outraged. Rather than expressing their opinion, one commenter suggested that these women “either need attention or are auditioning for something.” Another man chimed in to claim that “the lack of critical thinking about this particular election by these women is mind boggling,” implying that the smartest choice somehow is to vote for a candidate they disagree with.

Others simply accused them of being “privileged.”

Republicans have in recent years been urging black voters to abandon the Democratic party, whose candidates they usually support in overwhelming numbers. The ‘Blexit’ movement is perhaps the most visible example of this drive, and the group – led by prominent black conservative Candace Owens – staged a rally in Washington, DC, earlier this month.

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However, Biden and Harris look set to take the lion’s share of the black vote. Still, the campaign is still actively courting black voters, particularly black men, suggesting that Team Biden, unlike the squad of Twitter liberals griping at MSNBC’s undecided voters, isn’t taking their votes for granted.

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