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6 Oct, 2020 17:16

Chris Cuomo mocked as ‘hypocrite’ for MUTING Trump recovery ‘propaganda’ video, & reminded he broke quarantine rules

Chris Cuomo mocked as ‘hypocrite’ for MUTING Trump recovery ‘propaganda’ video, & reminded he broke quarantine rules

CNN presenter Chris Cuomo was ripped for muting a clip of Donald Trump’s return from hospital to the White House — and quickly reminded he’d published his own dramatic “re-entry”-to-life video after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

“This president is a walking lie,” Cuomo announced in his Monday-night monologue, accusing Trump of irresponsible comments on the Covid-19 pandemic. He slammed footage of Trump’s return to the White House and said he would not air it with audio because it was “propaganda” intended to project an image of strength.

“How much bullsh*t do you need in your life?” he asked viewers.

“He’s not stronger than I am!” Cuomo added, referencing the time in April during which he, too, was sick with the virus. Twitter users were also more than happy to recall that time, reminding him of the reports he had broken quarantine rules back then.

Cuomo posted a video of himself emerging from his basement in his “official re-entry” to life after being “cleared by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]” on April 20. A week earlier, however, a cyclist had filed a police report after getting into a fight with the presenter in front of an under-construction home in the Hamptons, calling into question how strict Cuomo’s quarantine really was.

During his Monday rant, the CNN host also blasted Trump for taking off his mask on the White House balcony, and likened his behavior to drunk-driving. “You want a metaphor? You've got a president who’s a drunk driver who’s pushing others to drive drunk,” he said.

Not everyone was angry at Cuomo for his outburst against the president, however. Trump’s critics thought his spiel was on point, with one saying he had “summed everything up perfectly.”

Trump’s emergence from the Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday, while still being infected with the novel coronavirus, provoked almost universal outrage among his critics, both online and in the mainstream media. Besides his maskless face and perceived disregard for social distancing, some said there were authoritarian tones to how his return was staged, with MSNBC host Joy Reid referring to it as a “Mussolini moment.”

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