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28 Sep, 2020 15:30

Anti-Trumpers dismiss ex-campaign manager's mental health issues, say he doesn't deserve compassion after reported suicide bid

Anti-Trumpers dismiss ex-campaign manager's mental health issues, say he doesn't deserve compassion after reported suicide bid

Some of Donald Trump's detractors took to Twitter to JEER after his former campaign manager Brad Parscale was reportedly hospitalized following a mental breakdown and suicide attempt.

Parscale's wife Candice called police as her husband was allegedly threatening to harm himself, while having multiple firearms inside the house. Fort Lauderdale police officers responded to Parscale's residence “in reference to an armed male attempting suicide.” He offered no resistance to law enforcement, and was then admitted to hospital.    

The man's apparent mental health issues did not stop some of the more vehement anti-Trumpers from attacking Parscale.

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Many of the attackers simply used the F-word to say that Parscale, being a Trump supporter, doesn't deserve compassion. Moreover, when confronted about seemingly downplaying a person's mental issues, they doubled down on their dismissal of the supposedly newfound “mental health crusaders.”

Some commenters speculated that Parscale's breakdown was caused by recent New York Times allegations of decades-long tax avoidance by Donald Trump, which, if found to be true, could conceivably hurt his campaign.

There were, however, those who explicitly condemned the hostility against Parscale, specifically when it came to his seemingly ongoing crisis. “I mostly wish misery on him, just not in the midst of his mental health breakdown,” one commenter wrote.

Republican-aligned personalities have unanimously sent their best wishes Parscale and his family. The Trump campaign issued a statement, saying they were ready to “support” them “in any way possible.”

In July, Parscale was replaced as Trump's campaign manager by Bill Stepien. Then the president said that Parscale would be put in charge of digital and data strategies, while retaining a position as senior adviser.

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