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25 Sep, 2020 21:04

FBI arrests two ISIS sympathizers for plotting ‘Netflix worthy’ attacks on Trump Tower & Wall Street

FBI arrests two ISIS sympathizers for plotting ‘Netflix worthy’ attacks on Trump Tower & Wall Street

The FBI arrested and charged two Americans for plotting “Netflix worthy” terrorist attacks on high-profile targets like Trump Tower and the New York Stock Exchange in the hopes of achieving “rock star status” with Islamic State.

Federal agents arrested Kristopher Sean Matthews, also known as ‘Ali Jibreel’, in Tennessee earlier this week. His alleged accomplice, Jaylyn Christopher Molina, alias ‘Abdur Rahim’, was arrested in Texas. An affidavit laying out the charges against them was filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas.

While the 14-page document is not publicly available, a number of media outlets have reported on its contents. Matthews and Molina are alleged to have conspired to provide material assistance to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), discussing plans to recruit and radicalize others to join the terrorist group. 

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Since May 2019, the two men have used an online chat room to “promote radical Islamic ideology, and to discuss conducting terrorist attacks in the US and overseas on behalf of ISIS,” the New York Post reported citing the affidavit. They also reportedly discussed traveling to Syria to join IS.

Matthews reportedly advised against attacking places like “malls where innocent children are,” and urged the chat room members to strike at places like the White House, Trump Tower, or the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. A successful attack would mean “rock star status baby,” Matthews allegedly said. “This could be Netflix worthy.”

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Molina is accused of posting bomb-making instructions found in Inspire, the magazine published by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.

“You are my enemy (America) and never will I wear your flag… but I will raise the black flag of Allah!” Molina allegedly said in one social media post, accompanied by a graphic collage of IS killing a US citizen.

Posting in the chat in early May, Molina allegedly said, “Let it be clear, I am against America. America is my enemy.”

The FBI was reportedly able to infiltrate the chat room using confidential informants, which is how they came to build a case against Matthews and Molina, and have them located and arrested. If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison.

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