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WATCH: Sacramento Highway Patrol sends anti-Trump protester flying in viral HIT AND RUN incident

WATCH: Sacramento Highway Patrol sends anti-Trump protester flying in viral HIT AND RUN incident
Two anti-Trump protesters were injured, one of whom was taken to hospital, after they confronted a California Highway Patrol car and climbed on top of it, only for the driver to speed off without warning.

The group of protesters had gathered ahead of President Trump’s visit to Sacramento where he gave a briefing on the escalating wildfires which have ravaged California, and other states, in recent weeks. 

At approximately 1pm local time, near Sacramento’s McClellan Airport, a protester could be seen crawling on the hood of the police car, scaling the windshield when, without warning, the car accelerated rapidly, sending the man and several of his fellow protesters flying.

The Highway patrol has yet to comment on the incident but is said to be preparing a statement. 

Two people were injured in the incident, with the man thrown over the hood of the car taken away on a stretcher to a nearby hospital for treatment. His injuries are not thought to be life threatening. 

Footage of the incident quickly went viral, sparking a slew of insults and taunts as well as memes online.

It was the second such incident involving a vehicle striking anti-Trump protesters at the scene. 

Earlier in the day, a green Volvo, believed to be a civilian vehicle, reportedly drove into a group of protesters.

Trump gave a briefing on the wildfires, which have scorched over 3.3 million acres and destroyed more than 4,100 structures, during a visit to California on Monday. Groups of both protesters and supporters gathered outside the airport throughout the day. 

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