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‘Height of cowardice’: Mother accused of using baby as human shield at BLM protest in LA

‘Height of cowardice’: Mother accused of using baby as human shield at BLM protest in LA
Black Lives Matter protesters have taken to the streets of LA for the fourth consecutive night, but footage of a mother holding her infant has sparked Twitter allegations of human shields and terrorist tactics being used.

The crowd of at least 100 protesters gathered near the South LA sheriff’s deputy station for the fourth straight night of demonstrations, with police declaring an unlawful assembly shortly thereafter, amid a torrent of vile verbal abuse from several protesters.

One particular clip purports to show a mother holding her infant child near the front lines of the protest, with another, older, child beside her.

Reaction to the footage was one of dismay and disbelief, as many accused the woman of employing “terrorist tactics” by using her kids as human shields.

Some said the “baby deserves better,” while others accused the mother of seeking a payout should the infant be struck by non-lethal crowd control munitions fired by the police. 

Protesters then geared up with armor and formed an improvised shield wall in anticipation of crowd control munitions. 

Deputies opened fire with pepper bullets shortly afterwards, sending the crowd running for cover.

On August 31, Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies fatally shot Dijon Kizzee following a brief foot chase. Police claim Kizzee punched a sheriff's deputy in the face before dropping a concealed handgun and making “a motion toward” the weapon as officers attempted to arrest him.

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