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7 Sep, 2020 18:56

GOAT on rampage raids cop car, destroys paperwork & takes down officer (VIDEO)

GOAT on rampage raids cop car, destroys paperwork & takes down officer (VIDEO)

It turns out you can quite easily get away with leaping into a police cruiser, destroying documentation within and even assaulting an officer – if you’re a goat – according to hilarious bodycam footage filmed in the US.

Footage of the bizarre altercation was shared online by the Douglas County Sheriff Department, and promptly went viral. The video was captured by the body cam of a deputy as she was out delivering some civil papers in Douglasville, Georgia.

The officer had unwarily left her car door open – and it did not escape the notice of a sneaky goat, which decided to get in. On noticing the animal, the officer rushed back to her car, only to find the goat snacking on some paperwork.

The deputy then tried to pull the animal out by its tail via the driver’s door. However, the four-footed intruder refused to cooperate with law enforcement – and continued munching on the documents. The policewoman then tried a different approach, attempting to pull the goat by its horns from the other side of the vehicle while wrestling the papers from it.

GOAT on rampage raids cop car, destroys paperwork & takes down officer (VIDEO)

She was eventually able to push the goat out of the car, but the rowdy caprine snatched back some of the sheets and continued consuming them. The officer had managed to grab the partially eaten documents from the animal, when the vengeful goat, clearly displeased at is snack being interrupted, headbutted her and knocked her to the ground.


According to the Sheriff’s Department, the unlucky deputy was not injured during the struggle. The goat, meanwhile, walked away from the encounter without any legal consequences.

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